Big Oil knew…and now they are being sued. All over the place.

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Ownership concentration of the fossil fuel industry in Canada and climate change.

A recent report concludes that “our fossilized system of oligarchical ownership needs more than fine-tuning if we are to avoid the ecological time bomb of climate change” and highlights the key role played by the sector’s financial enablers – “A mapping of the elite network of interlocking directorates around the largest Canada-based fossil-fuel firms, circa 2015, revealed a well-integrated, east-west configuration of financial institutions (based mainly in Toronto) and fossil-fuel corporations (based mainly in Calgary).”

Kevin Anderson is a must follow for anyone serious about climate change mitigation…”it is time to wake up and smell the coffee….”

James Hansen honours two great men….. “In recent years Gerry and Ian resembled each other, both getting craggy, not walking as easily as they used to, but both wanting to do something useful in their old age.”

Here is the  link to Dr. Hansen’s article.